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Skip Change phase problem

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Skip Change phase problem



In our setup there is Change management flow with following Phases:

Manager Approval

Executive Approval

Update Group




First 2 phases are Approval Phases. We have customized to move to next phase automatically whenever a change is approved. This we have added in next process for process with condition of approval phases.Also based on subcategory value Executive Approval phase should be skipped for which we added a calculation in Executive Approval Format Control


Add                                                                         Calculaction

subcategory in $file='XYZ"                              $phasepntr=3;currnt.phase in $file="Update Group"


Everything is working as expected.. But the problem here is when Change with subcategory XYZ is approved in Manager approva phase even though it goes to third phase automatically, an approval pending record for executive approval is added in Executive approvers inbox....


Please help

Vadim Gorda
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Re: Skip Change phase problem


without going deeper in the topic, there is mistake in your calculation


$phasepntr=3;current.phase in $file="Update Group".


Also if you say that you have added the condition on the Executive approval phase it means that the change comes to that phase and creates approval and only after that you are forcing it to skip to third phase. You should retailor it to the first phase closure or try to do that in process

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Re: Skip Change phase problem

Hi Vadim,


It's a typo error while posting... It is proper in the condition...And moreover it's skipping the phase with this condition.


I tried the same condition in first phase under delete action but still no luck...

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Re: Skip Change phase problem

Hi Dilip,

I suggest you to explicitly call the as the next process in process with the condition that current.phase in $L.file="Executive Approval" and subcategory in $L.file="xyz".