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Separate Incident and Interaction classification

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tony kelman-smi
Super Contributor.

Separate Incident and Interaction classification

Is it practical to seperate the categorisation for Interactions and Incidents?



The Service Desk want less (or minimal) subcategory and producttype to select from but the Support Techs want more granular categorisation for Inicents.


Currently our OOB set-up uses the same tables (category, subcategory,product.type) when opening and updating cases.

How easy would it be to set up separate tables for Interaction and Incident?




Vadim Gorda
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Separate Incident and Interaction classification

Hello Tony,

Sound's to be not that critical requirement and probably logical in some cases.


What would I have done in the same situation:


I would have left the OOB fields for categorization intact so it will keep you from massive rebuilding of logic. You can just add additioanl fields for new categoriation and make the OOB read only  or even hide them if people will be really inssiting on it.


You need to build the same structure of categorization with 3 levels for incidents?


Also it can be made by adding one more fields in the standard categorization tables as indicator for which module you want to use the record (with values like incidents, probsummary ...). After adding this parameter you will have to modify the links for categories to check from which module you are calling the link.

John Stagaman
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Separate Incident and Interaction classification

You could create a separate classification, but the challenge would be keeping the escalated classifications from interactions synced with you incident values. It might be better to add a new field to area/subarea to mark a classification as "incidents only" and update the interaction links to filter those areas/subareas out when the Service Desk logs an interaction.

If you are planning to upgrade in the next few months, you may want to wait and look into migrating to Process Designer for Help Desk as part of the upgrade. PD natively provides the ability to define different classification values for SD/IM/PM.
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tony kelman-smi
Super Contributor.

Re: Separate Incident and Interaction classification

Thanks Vadim and John.
I think the solution will be to migrate to Process Designer for SD/IM/PM and take advantage of functionality provided there.