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SRC Image Customization

Mahmoud Al-Abgy
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SRC Image Customization

Hi Experts,


Actuallty I am using SRC 9.32 and my system is SM 9.33 and I want to change OOB image provided with the SRC on the Support Tab above the "Create" button - I attached a snapshot.


I tried to search the web application installation folder but I found nothing so if anyone pass by something like this, please share your experience, thanks.




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Re: SRC Image Customization

Hi Mahmoud,


To be able to reach your requirement, you can refer to the SRC customization document in the link below:


Also for your information, the customization in SRC is very limited, please try to walk through the customiztion document above to find the answer. But if you cannot find, i think your requirement is not available in SRC 9.32


Thank you and Regards,




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Re: SRC Image Customization




I think it is possible and the following information may help:


You will obtain optimum results if all catalog images are the same size and in a similar format.

Catalog items display as a “thumbnail” image. Follow these basic rules for attaching a thumbnail

image to a catalog item:


- The recommended size for an image is 196x140 pixels. Use a good image utility to crop or resize

your images to a consistent size.


- The default background color for a smaller image is white. For consistency, consider adding an

appropriate background to maintain the same image dimensions for all items.


- The recommended file type is .jpg or .png. Using other formats may produce unpredictable



I am attaching the  SRC customization guide to this discussion. Please se page 48.

HP Support
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Hazem Dessouky
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Re: SRC Image Customization

Hello Everyone,


I have been trying to change HP Logo for customer logo on HP SM SRC 9.41 and when i do that the grey background on the header becomes all white and the SRC customizations such as adding fields or so simply disappers.

Any help?


Best Regards,

Hazem Eldessouky.