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SQL error message when installing Process Designed 9.30.3

Super Collector

SQL error message when installing Process Designed 9.30.3

Hello all!
I got a problem when I was doing step 4 in the installationguide...


Step 4:
Modify the operator table in dbdict to avoid the performance issue when opening the
Assignee selection page in the incident workflow (For example, the system might take more
than 11 seconds on average when the DB has 600 users):
i. Click Tailoring > Database Dictionary.
ii. Type operator into the File Name field and then click Search.
iii. In the SQL Tables tab, add a new table a6.
Note: If the a6 value has already been used, use the first available value between
a7 and a99, depending on your specific implementation.
iv. In the Keys tab, place your cursor on the blank header at the bottom of the key list, and
then click the New Field/Key button to add a new key:
o Type: Nulls and Duplicates
o Field: secRole
v. In the Fields tab, change the SQL table for the assignment.groups fields:
o secRole (array type): change the SQL table from null to a6 (or whatever
value you assigned in step iii above).
o secRole (character type): change the SQL table from m1 to a6 (or
whatever value you assigned in step iii above) and change the SQL Type from
TEXT to the following value that matches your database:
- SQL Server: VARCHAR(200)
- Oracle: VARCHAR2(200)
- DB2:VARCHAR(200)
Click OK to save the changes


The error message after clicking "OK" to save:


API=SQLExecute [in sqmssqlExecOne], Statement=sp_rename 'OPERATORA6.SMSQL31B7691188E3B2BD330FE14', 'OPERATORA6B2A53428', 'INDEX' (record.update,start)
SQL State: 42000-15248 Message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Either the parameter @objname is ambiguous or the claimed @objtype (INDEX) is wro
ng. (record.update,start)
API=SQLExecute [in sqmssqlExecOne], Statement=CREATE INDEX SMSQL31B7691188E3B2BD330FE14 ON SMSQL31B7691188E3B2B ("SECROLE")
SQL State: 42000-1919 Message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Column 'SECROLE' in table 'SMSQL31B7691188E3B2B' is of a type that is invalid for
use as a key column in an index. (record.update,start)


The step seemed to work as the table was populated as it should. But this error message is kinda troubeling...

/Even Mathilassi Lien
HPE Expert

Re: SQL error message when installing Process Designed 9.30.3



Can you try this.



0. Backup  Database (To make sure you can roll back if any problem)
1. Go to dbdict or table definition
2. Create a new table operatorexternal (this name can be changed)
  1) add field assignment.groups (same data type and length of this field in operator table)
  2) add this field in field and key tab as Type: Nulls and Duplicates
  3) Save
3. dbdict -> select the opeartor table
4. Add OPERATOREXTERNALM1 on the SQL Tables tab as a7
5. In the Keys tab, place your cursor on the blank header at the bottom of the key list, and then click the New Field/Key button to add a new key:
o Type: Nulls and Duplicates
o Field: assignment.groups
6. Change SQL Table field of to a7 on the field tab
7 Select OK
8. Select SM Alters (If there is not this option please just do step 7)


Please let us know if this makes a difference

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Re: SQL error message when installing Process Designed 9.30.3

Hello, sorry for the delayed response.


This solution did was not tried.

The solution after trying to rebuild the DB with new 9.32 data the error occured again.

The final solution was:
Patch down to 9.31. Install PD. Upgrade to 9.32 and install compatibiliy patch..


But that you for the reply :)

/Even Mathilassi Lien
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