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SM9.33 notification issue


SM9.33 notification issue

Hi All,


I am having issue in notification part when I select for notify method or Group file, the whole statement gone once click on save button. Anyone can help? This is very urgent to me ;-(

John Stagaman
Honored Contributor

Re: SM9.33 notification issue

There is currently a defect open for some patch levels of the SM 9.22 windows client and the 9.33 windows client related to display/update issues with arrayed structures (such as the notification defintion, the unload script utility, or the oncall schedule formats).


You can download the original 9.32.0016 windows client and use that (it does not exhibit the issue) or make the update via web tier. I'd recommend reverting to the earlier Windows  client in any case. 

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Re: SM9.33 notification issue

Hi John,


HP sent me new patch for client 9.33 0042

Thank you

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event