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SM 9.33 unload record issue

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SM 9.33 unload record issue



I recently performed an applications upgrade to my local SM instance from 9.31 to 9.33, and now it seems that I'm unable to correctly create unload records. Essentially, I create an unload record and start typing in filenames/queries, then when I click save, most/all of them dissapear. I have tried creating an unload record like this several different ways. Attached are screen shots detailing what happens.


I just performed an applications upgrade to SM 9.33 on a SM 7.10 instance as well, and it is having the exact same issue!!


Please need help ASAP!



John Stagaman
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Re: SM 9.33 unload record issue

There is a QCCR for this issue. The 9.33 windows client (and some patches of 9.32) do not correctly edit any arrayed structures (the unload record, FC calcs, oncall schedule, etc>) . You can subscribe to the QCCR to be notified when it is fixed.

The SCCR mentions comfills, but it is not just comfills--it's any field in the arrayed structure. I opened a ticket for the problem and they reported it as being tied to this QCCR, so this must have already been there. 


This was the original 9.32 Windows Client and does not have the problem. You can use it with 9.33:

Windows Client 9.32.0016

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Re: SM 9.33 unload record issue

Awesome, thanks! Downloading to test now.