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SM 7.10 and LDAP

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SM 7.10 and LDAP


I got a problem with LDAP additional query - syntax, not sure its syntax because it's do not return me error.

I am trying to filter my records by DN field which content text with other fields.

I have read one post about LDAP query syntax but didn't worked to me :(

first way is (DN=*OU=*A*) and second way is (OU:DN:=*A*), they both execute without problem but actually do not work :(

when i execute first or second syntax they both return me "no records"

if i define them (!(DN=*OU=*A*)) or (!(OU:DN:=*A*)) also execute without problem but return me all records (also this one with OU which content "a")

any ideas which is the right syntax for LDAP additional query (filter)?

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