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SLM - SLO suspended for custom field


SLM - SLO suspended for custom field



I'm currently struggling with the suspension of a SLO for a custom field on a Change Request.


The Response State Field in slamodulecontrol is set to current.phase, but we have created a custom field to store the actual status(i.e. Pending Vendor, Pending Customer, etc..) and if the status equals these values the SLO should be suspended.


I've added in the Active Condition for Configure Application record for cm3r the following:


custom.status in $L.file~="Pending Vendor"


But the slo seems to be deleted from sloresponse  when the status is updated to "Pending Vendor", and created again when the status is updated for "Work In Progress".

The elapsed time keeps counting, so the slos never gets "Suspended" as intended.


Has anyone had a similar issue or ideas for a workaround?


Thank you.

John Stagaman
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: SLM - SLO suspended for custom field

You can alter the field used in the application configuration to another field if needed (so use a custom field instead of current.phase), but you cannot base progression or suspension for an SLO on any field other than the Reponse State Field.


I've had to use a combination of phase-status, for example. You'll need to manually define the state progression for all combinations of phase-status if you do something similar.


If you want to use the custom status field you've added, you have to use it for everything (response state progression and suspension).



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