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SCEmail set-up: New Build of SM 9.3.1

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SCEmail set-up: New Build of SM 9.3.1

Hello All,


I have been reading through SM manuals and I am having a hard time setting up SCEmail in SM.  In 7.11 I had to copy the SCEmail application into the SM directory and then set it to start in one of the SM files.  In the new documentation I found a reference to settings for SCEmail that are configured in my sm.ini file, but I don't know how to install SCEmail and how to start it!?!?


I saw within a sm manual how to start SCEmail through "Tailoring> Event Services" but that doesn't seem to start either when I click start.  If there is a good guide that explains how to set-up and manage this, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the help!



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Re: SCEmail set-up: New Build of SM 9.3.1

This functionality was integrated into the sm application - search for "emailout" in the Help Server.


Relevant documents:

Startup parameter: emailout

Emailout parameters in the sm.ini file



sm -emailout -clean