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RetrieveChangeList by query instead of by changeID

Sascha Mohr
Acclaimed Contributor.

RetrieveChangeList by query instead of by changeID

Hi all,

we are trying to retrieve a list of changes with a certain pattern in the field briefDescription. So far I retrieve changes by changeID, that was never a problem but with a query I keep getting return code 9 (no more records).

Mayby the syntax for that query is still not correct, though I tried several variants.

Setting the changeID to an existing one and leaving the query empty works, leaving changeID empty and entering anything as a query results in return code 9.


My issue is, that i would need something like "briefDescription like '%AUF00125487%', just not in Oracle syntax but in a syntax SM will accept as an "epert query".


To get an idea of what I am trying to:


publicstaticvoid main(String[] args) {

int returnCode = 0;


String changeID;

changeID  =


String query;

//query = "";

//query = "update.time>'08/01/2013 06:36:03' and update.time < '08/28/2013 06:37:03'";

query =


//query = " index( 'AUF00125487', brief.description)>0";



try {

long start = System.currentTimeMillis();



RetrieveChangeList rcl =

new RetrieveChangeList();

MyChangeList mcl = rcl.myQueryChangeList(changeID, query);

String[] statusName = mcl.getStatus();

Date[] wunschtermin = mcl.getTargetDate();

String stringTermin = wunschtermin[0].toString();"statusName=" + statusName[0].toString());"stringTermin=" + stringTermin);

long stop = System.currentTimeMillis();"Reading from source took " + (stop - start) + "ms");"Return Code: " + returnCode);


catch (RemoteException re) {

returnCode = 1;


catch (NamingException ne) {

returnCode = 1;


catch (Exception e) {

returnCode = 1;



Any ideas where I need to look for the problem?

Best regards