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RAD Error on back/cancel from a script

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RAD Error on back/cancel from a script

Hello Everyone,

I have developed a script to execute whenever a change task is closed - as defined in the task phase definition. The script is used to force a few fields to be set like the completion.code and the closing.comments. After the script is complete it calls the process which then closes the task. This all works well except when I click 'back' or otherwise cancel the script prematurely. I then get a rad error, see below.


Unrecoverable error in application: on panel call.rad.1


The task is not closed, which is good, but ideally I need to eliminate the error otherwise the users will be unecessarily concerned.


Any ideas, hints, suggestions, recommendations or pointers would be great.




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Re: RAD Error on back/cancel from a script

The message means the execution of the Process record failed while calling a RAD Application. Check to see if additional messages were returned as this may help identify the failure point. 


If there aren't additional messages, consider tracing the work-flow using RTM:3 (RADTRACE entries) and debugdbquery:999 (DBQUERY entries). The trace will identify exactly which Process record was active at the time (e.g. cm.close). It should also help confirm if the failure occurred while calling a RAD Application or during the execution of the RAD Application.


Note: I tested a basic script when closing a Task, but an error was not generated when canceling out of it.

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Re: RAD Error on back/cancel from a script

Thanks. I will have a look at this.

Re: RAD Error on back/cancel from a script

Hi Warren, 


I'm also facing this error while clicking cancel button. 


May I know how you have fixed it?




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event