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Publish a table as Web Service

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Publish a table as Web Service

Hi Experts,


I am trying to import ci relationship data from excel to HPSM using text delimiter(Source) and Database(Destination).

Here's a link to the post


Instead of using Database as the destination Connector, I tried to use Service Manager Web Service or Service Center/Service Manager as the dstination Connector. But couldnot find "cirelationship" table in the destination.


So what I did is, I tried to publish the table "cirelationship" as a webservice so that other integrating application can use the table. Followed the steps as mentioned below,


1. Tailoring > Database Manager

2. Typed extaccess > Search

3. Name-cirelationship, Service Name- CiRelationship, Object Name- CIRelationship

4.  Add/Saved

5. Restarted the SM Services.


Now, in CIT, after defining the destination Connector as Service Manager Web Services, I couldn't find the element "CIRelationship" under Destination Connector.

Am I missing out something? Need help out here.


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Jacob Heubner
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Re: Publish a table as Web Service

The ConnectIt Connector shows only the OOB options in that dropdown, but you are not limited to those options.  Instead of selecting an endpoint from the dropdown (for example, IncidentManagement) you enter your own value in the Service Name field - in this case, CIRelationship.