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Problem with ODBC and Legacy Listener while integrating SM with Crystal Report

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Problem with ODBC and Legacy Listener while integrating SM with Crystal Report

Hello ,


I have installed HP Service Manager 9.30 (32 bit) in my Windows Server 2008 (64 bit).It's running fine. But at the time of installing Crystal Report 2008 (32 bit), I have to install the Legacy Listener and ODBC to integrate CR with HP SM. But the problems are:


1. After successfully installing and starting the process, Legacy Listener is not showing itself in the Services.msc .

2. As per the document, ODBC should show "sc_report_odbc" in the system DSN tab, where it shows nothing in there.


is it possible to create report in crystal report with the service_manager database, with just ignoring these two problems ?


Please help !! Thanks in advance.

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Re: Problem with ODBC and Legacy Listener while integrating SM with Crystal Report

1. to see the legacy services in services.msc, you have to install the service first:
go to <server>\legacyintegration\RUN and open sc.ini
check or alter the name of the service. f.e:
ntservice:HP HSPM legacy 12690
Save sc.ini
open and cd to <server>\legacyintegration\RUN
execute cmd: scservic -install
(Note: the command has only 8 characters)
launch services.msc and start the service, change the type to automatic

2. After installing odbc drivers for reportmanager
- launch C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe
(Note: do not use the "normal" odbc of windows, but that odbcad32 in SysWOW64)
- go to system tab
- click ADD
- in the list of drivers you will find SQL Server AND Service Manager rpc ODBC Driver
- choose Service Manager rpc ODBC Driver
- click finish

Data Source Name: sc_report_odbc (or any other name you want)
Server: Your Server name
Port: f.e. 12690 (depending on your sc.ini)

Thats all

3. You ask, whether it is possible to use "normal" SQL Server Driver instead of Servicer Manager rpc ODBC Driver.
YES, but.
It depends of the tables you want to report. 90 percent of my reports work with SQL-Drivers
Most Ticket-Fields and base data fields of tables like incidents, probsummary, contacts, device .... you can report by SQL Server Driver.

To decide, when to use sql or rpc driver, you have two ways:
1. in sql studio run a select * for the table, you want to report. If you see the contents, you want to report in a readable format, you can use sql driver.

f.e.: select * from formatm1 shows, that there are only three fields in a readable format.

select * from incidentsm1 shows, that all fields are in a readable format

2. have a look to dbdict:
If the the fields, you want to report, have a SQL Name, and a SQL Type like varchar, datateime, float, char(1) or text you can report them with sql driver.
f.e. have look to dbdict format:
Here you can report only fields name, and syslanguage by SQL-Driver.

If you want to report structured arrays, or other fields which have no sql-name in dbdict, you have to choose rpc ODBC Driver