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Need to change the radio button triggering

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Need to change the radio button triggering

Hi Expert,


I have 2 radio button in my 1) no loger having problem 2) Issue resolved both the button having input type as $close.reason.  When the user select the 1st option and save the form my solution field in form is got updated with the solution as "nolonger having problem" which is wrong.


I just want to change this fault trigerring of $close.reason field to New update instead of Solution field.


I have search in incident table but unable to find close.reason field.


Please suggest...:-) thanks in advance

Thanks & Regards,
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John Stagaman
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Re: Need to change the radio button triggering

$close.reason is not a field in the record, but it is a thread variable used to by the related format control which populates the resolution. The survey form is called by the ess.SD.close.survey script, which calls the ess.SD.close.survey format control.


Look at the first calculation in the format control record (Edit it to change the message as needed):

1 in resolution in $file="No longer having the problem"


Note that the format control also includes a validation that requires resolution be populated if the resolution is not populated.


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