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How to create links

Vadim Gorda
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Re: Links


You have not explained what you need exactly.


Just to create link 0 in SM command line type link. In the new opened window  input link name and click on add.


BUT I am pretty sure that this will not be enough for you. Write detailed information about your task!

Vadim Gorda
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Re: Links

Just  as small add on:

There are 2 types of link, master link and form dedicated. Master link  has a name, same as an object (table name), form dedicated has a name, same as the form name.

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Re: Links

1)type link in the command line :

2)Tailoting->Tailoring tools->Links

3)Ex: If you want to populate the Affected Service(field name=affected.item) for the bizservice type from device table:

link file: incidents

source field: affected.item

Target File Name: device

Target Field Name:

Add Query: $query

Right click and select "Select Line" option.

Expressions Tab:

if ($fill.skip.master=true) then ($fill.skip=true;cleanup($fill.skip.master))
if (not null(affected.item in $File)) then $query+=(" and\""+affected.item in $File+"\"")


Source Field Name: affected.item

Target Field Name:


What the above query will do is:, when you click the fill button in or sd.update.interaction, then it will query the device table to and will return all the CI's whose CI Types="bizservice".


Hope the above information would have helped you to some extent.

Assign kudos if the above inputs is helpfull to you.

Thanks and Cheers !!!


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Re: Links

You can also check the Online help for information about this.

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Re: Links


Is there any types in links like master link something

Vadim Gorda
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Re: Links


as was writting above there are master links and form dedicated. Master links have names similar to tables (incidents, probsummary ...)