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Link between OCMQ and Incident Tables

Benjamin Mathia
Respected Contributor.

Link between OCMQ and Incident Tables

I have to implement a link between interaction and requirement (quote).
What I need is when all the tasks in a quote are finished the comment in justification field go to resolution field in incident table. And, obviously, they can close the record manually.

Is there some way to get this done?.
Hope you can help me.

John Stagaman
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Link between OCMQ and Incident Tables

There is an existing post back link which will copy data from RM Quote at closure back to the related Interaction. Look at the Service Desk Environment Record for the link name (I think it's but am not sure.


To add additional fields to the mapping, select the first line of the link record, the add your field(s) to the source/target table in the link line detail. 

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