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Licensing for Service Manager 7.0 Horizontal Scaling

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Arun Kumar T K_
Super Contributor.

Licensing for Service Manager 7.0 Horizontal Scaling


I would like to know the licensing structure for SM 7.0 horizontal scaling.

If I setup 2 node virtual group for load balancing then do I require additional server license or can I use the license generated for the first server?

Do I have to also buy any foundation or module based user (named/flt) licenses?

Thanks in advance..
Brian McKenzie
Respected Contributor.

Re: Licensing for Service Manager 7.0 Horizontal Scaling

I did some testing on configuring for horizontal vs vertical.
2 issues that you may wish to consider.
1) The servers that will be used must be in the same IP subnet. Or the network will need to be configured to allow MultiCast broadcast for the two machines to talk. Generally networks do not allow multicast outside of a subnet, too much noise will result.
2) The AutoPass licence must be the same on the "secondary host" server as the "primary host" server (see Helpfile - "Horizontal scaling implementation"). What seems to happen is the servlets look at the license file and pass the loadBalancer the information from it. The loadBalancer servlet then looks at it's license file to determine if its a match. If it matches, then the servlet connects to the db and begins listening for requests.

I did determine that you can configure the primary host to do horizontal scaling, and run it as a vertical scale. Then when the resources of the server have reached a peak, add the next server and build vertically on it as required. This method allows you to grow you environment, with little or no impact to the user base.
There seems to be a guiding principle of 50 active connects per servlet max (see Helpfile - threadsperprocess). I found that background processes seem to also react like a connection.

Hope this helps.
Arun Kumar T K_
Super Contributor.

Re: Licensing for Service Manager 7.0 Horizontal Scaling

Hello Brian,

Thanks for this very useful info. I was only wondering whether I should buy 2 independent SM server license from HP for 2 servers in horizontal scaling mode OR one server license can be used on both the servers as the IP address of 2 servers will be different.