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LDAP and Service Manager Integration

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LDAP and Service Manager Integration

Hi All,


I have HP Connect it and Service manager 9.30 on my machine I have tested the connections of LDAP and Service manager Server both.


Now I am not getting that how and which attributes need to be mapped and then how to import contacts from  Active Directory to Service manager.


Could any of you please tell me here from A to Z in form of steps?


Its urgent please.

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Re: LDAP and Service Manager Integration

run db


Enter the form as "scldapconfig" and hit enter


Add your LDAP server in here and Add

Once you have done that you need to click on Set File/Field Level Mapping, then hit search. This will return all tables, but you can put contacts in and do it that way.

Fill in the AD settings again and put the Base Directory for example "DC=yourcompany,DC=com" and then select what fields you want filled from AD and match them up to AD Attributes

Make LDAP the primary data source for Contacts file


You can put a query in to only look at user accounts or active accounts etc








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Re: LDAP and Service Manager Integration



Find attached LDAP-SM integration document for your reference.


Hope this helps.

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Re: LDAP and Service Manager Integration

I have a couple questions about this.


1. when setting this up this way, how does one control the users that are mapped into service manager? That is to say, I only want "real" users, not system accounts, local or system admin accounts, etc.


2. when mapping this way, then will new operator and contact records be created when a new user appears in active directory?


3. when an existing user's name, login, etc. change, do those changes happen automatically to the operator and contact records?


4. when an existing user leaves the company - and thuse is removed from active directory - do the operator and contact records get deleted automatically? What if the user's active directory records are just marked as disabled?


Thank you - this is a topic of great interest to us right now.