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Javascript system.users problem?

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Javascript system.users problem?

Hi guys!
         I'm using SM7.02 (with horizontal scaling 1LB +3Nodes), and I'm trying to get all the connected users from a javascript. For this, I'm using the function
system.users, but when I try this on my production environment I realize that the function system.users is only giving me the users connected on the same port where I'm executing the script.
Somebody knows if this is an error? workaround?

The final purpose of my script is to send a warning email when the number of connected user exceeds certain limit, this usually happens when the inactive process stop working(every week)!

Thanks in advanced!


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Re: Javascript system.users problem?

When you see poor compression and the many HTTP round trips problems, the next most obvious thing might be to concatenate absolutely all of your JS together. Diagramatically, this would look like this:

<script src="/build/js/khan-academy.js"></script>

While this does offer better compression and fewer HTTP round trips, we have two new problems. The first is that we’re now downloading potentially WAY more stuff on a page than we actually need.

For instance, to load up the homepage of the site, you now need to download all of the source of react.js and video-player.js even though the homepage uses none of that!