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Issue while upgrading SM from 9.30 to 9.32

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Senior Member

Issue while upgrading SM from 9.30 to 9.32

Hi Experts


I am getting below error while upgrading application of HPSM from 9.30 to 9.32:-


The record being added contains a duplicate key (file.load,add.record.0)


Below are the data file for which i am getting error:-


HPPCHRELcalholidays.dta,HPPCHRELinbox.dta and HPPCHRELdevtype.dta


Any idea or Anybody else has faced this issue earlier.


Esteemed Contributor

Re: Issue while upgrading SM from 9.30 to 9.32



This may be caused by a case insensitive RDBMS.

The cause of the issue is sqlbasename is a "no duplicates" key in the datadict so these values must be unique without regard to case or it will fail to load.

You can check the following document, where by upgrade there was the same error but for svcCatApprovalLog:


Best regards

Dimitar Peychev

HP Support
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Senior Member

Re: Issue while upgrading SM from 9.30 to 9.32

Hi Dimitar


Thanks for your inputs. Error was related to DB specifically which i could able to rectify


However after that as well i am getting below errors:-


Process panel add.rename in RAD encountered error in line 1 (,add.rename)
Cannot evaluate expression (,add.rename)
Bad arg(2) oper = (,add.rename)
Cannot evaluate expression (,add.rename)
Script 'patchrelHelper' line 349:ERROR Cannot store a string into an Object of type number at char 1


Any inputs or suggestions for above errors?


Honored Contributor

Re: Issue while upgrading SM from 9.30 to 9.32

Sounds like this issue.
SM 9.32 patch fails with error on script patchrelHelper line 349.
Log a call with HP.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event