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Is it possible to translate SRC portal?

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Is it possible to translate SRC portal?

Hi experts,


is it possible to translate SRC portal or is only available for predefined languages?



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Re: Is it possible to translate SRC portal?

Because Finnish is not officially supported by HP in SRC, we've used English version and altered the SRC language text files to fit our purposes. It's not an official solution, but worth considering...
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Re: Is it possible to translate SRC portal?

Our latest SRC version is SRC 9.32.

The document describes on page 25 that :


SRC is delivered in 16 language packages, which can meet most localization requirements.

However, if you wish to add additional languages, you can do so on your own by using the following

procedure. To do this,

please read the document and follow the configuration steps.


Page 49 lists the Out-of-box Supported Languages:

Language Language Code

Arabic ar_SA

Brazilian Portuguese pt_BR

Czech cs_CZ

Dutch nl_NL

English en_US

French fr_FR

German de_DE

Hungarian hu_HU

Italian it_IT

Japanese ja_JP

Korean ko_KR

Polish pl_PL

Russian ru_RU

Simplified Chinese zh_CN

Spanish es_ES


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