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Incident management

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Incident management



We are using SM 9.3.


Our BSM is integrated with SM 9.3 and sending all OMi incidents to SM incident management using direct integration process.



Now our customer wants to raise those incidents in Service desk module instead of IM module.


Please enlight if this can be happen either by


1. BSM integrate to SD module of SM instead of IM module. If not....

2. Copying / POST ing IM data to SD module.



Thanks in advance.

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Re: Incident management



I do not think this is possible with current integration setup because during integration process you no where specify what module or what web services to use.


OMi will open only an Incident in Service Manager.


Even as an ITSM/ITIL process it is incorrect to open an Interaction ticket for an event occouring for some outage in your IT Infrastructure.


Still if you want to, then you can attempt by writting a trigger on probsummary table, that would take all the values from opened Incident and open a new corresponding Interaction.

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Re: Incident management



Thanks for your reply. Can you please explain the trigger part??? Or some examples how it works....


I have tried POST (subroutine) but it is failing due to some error, not able to post in incidents table.


It will be very useful.



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Re: Incident management

how do you have integration using scauto or CIT?
Do not know much about CIT but in scauto seems to be possible and OMU expert will be required.
Since scauto use event-services hence have to mention the map name in scauto and in SM you can register/create with same name.

or otherwise use triggers but it will disable the feature of auto update/close form omu as no id will be in sysnc with OMi and SM

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Re: Incident management



Please help me defining triggers so that i can open service desk calls from incidents.


I have tried using subroutines but it is showing error ofg post.fc