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How to setup SM 7.11 horizontal scaling ?

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How to setup SM 7.11 horizontal scaling ?



Is there any documentation on how to setup SM on a Windows 2008 server on a horizontal scale? I am using Windows Server 2008, I have installed and setup the db and got SM to start on the LB server, now I am going to move to setting up the 2 app servers. How do I connect/setup those so that its a true horizontal scaled env? I am assuming it has mostly to do with configuring the ini or cfg files?


Also in a horizontal env do licenses need to be applied to each server or just the LB? 


I also found that we have 3 physical servers but also have a virtual server, I am new to setting up SM so would I need to use the virual to setup SM in the horizontal scale?



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Re: How to setup SM 7.11 horizontal scaling ?

Hello, in the SM online help you will see the details and an example on ho to accomplish this.

Additionally, in a horizontal env you need to copy the license file in all servers.

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Re: How to setup SM 7.11 horizontal scaling ?


thanks for the reply, after searching online I was able to get info using this:

also, looks like the single license needs to be applies to each app server, a copy of whats on the LB as long as you are using this:


that did the trick for getting me started!