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How to call crystal report from HPSM

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How to call crystal report from HPSM

Hi experts,


I would like to prepare automation of Crystal report form HPSM. Is it possible to call report from HPSM or to receive report to email monthly? Running each report manually takes a lot of time. Is Crystal report still the only tool available by HP for report?



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Re: How to call crystal report from HPSM



IT Service Manager was developed to run with a product similar to Crystal Reports called "Business Objects". HP Sales representatives know about this past integration between ITSM and Business Objects. A product called Service Desk has replaced ITSM and offers more flexibility, where the GUI resembles Outlook, and a 3 tier architecture makes it much more scalable. There may not be the business agreement with Business Objects that existed before Service Desk replaced ITSM, but there is a package to upgrade IT Service Manager to Service Desk.

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Re: How to call crystal report from HPSM

There is nothing in the previous post that is correct. 


HP Service Manager replaced the HP Service Desk product. HP Service Desk is no longer actively sold and is either nearing the end of support or has already passed end of support. 


Service Manager has never had a native integration with Business Objects and was not "designed" to work with it. At one time, an optional product called Decision Center was offered and worked with Business Objects (if I recall correctly, the earliest versions used Cognos instead), but it was not part of SM and required an extensive ETL process to transform the SM raw data for a business  A partner, Westbury, offers the Westbury SMI Suite which is a reporting product for SM that uses a Business Ojects backend, but again it is not part of SM. Westbury previously offered a widely used reporting solution for HP Service Desk (the retired product).


A license for Crystal Reports 8 has been included with SM Foundation licensing to allow the creation and maintenace of Crystal Reports for SM, and a sample set of operational report definitions can be downloaded from HP Live Network (it is also included on the 9.30 install ISO).


There is no method to invoke a Crystal Report from Service Manager. A Crystal report scheduler would normally be used to schedule report execution.

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