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How to apply license for HPSM?

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How to apply license for HPSM?

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How do I download and apply license for HP Service manager 9.30?




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Re: How to apply license for HPSM?

You can not download license you have to ask HP to generate same after providing your IP if not having valid one.

from guide,
License file
Licenses are placed in the RUN directory of the server install. For additional license information consult the HP Service Manager Installation Guide. If you do not have a valid license file, contact HP Customer Support.

autopass_dir || licensefile || The default path to the license file
is now in the server’s RUN directory. If you want to retain
your previous license file path, you must specify it with the new licensefile parameter.

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Re: How to apply license for HPSM?

As suggested by Piku, You need open case with HP Support team for renewal of license, Note: HP gives license only for one IP address. Make sure you give proper IP address. Once you get the license file just copy and paste into existing lic file.  I have attached docu you can refer.

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