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HPSM-LDAP Integration

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HPSM-LDAP Integration

Hi all,


I've a requirement to integrate HPSM with LDAP. And I think i've integrated. My question is, do we need to create all of the users as operators in SM manually? Make sense if the LDAP users which will be logging into HPSM must exist in operator & contact table but in term of manual creation, it's a lil bit out. Isn't supposed to be auto populated in SM once it's integrated? And what about the user management? Like, there's new staff, the admin need to create the user into both side (LDAP & HPSM)?


Ref for HPSM-LDAP Link --> <<LINK>>




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Re: HPSM-LDAP Integration

Hi HJ-Quick,


 they can be created in SM by LDAP login  but if you have the templates defined before that. I mean the user template...

and after that everytime you make changes in LDAP operators they will be synchronized.

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