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Forms Designer - Value List vs Display List

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tony kelman-smi
Super Contributor.

Forms Designer - Value List vs Display List

We're currently revising the list of Incident Status and I've updated the table pmstatus, which has updated $ and now I want to update the IM forms


My question is around when to use Value List and Display List uses Value List and calls $G,

IM.update.incident use Display List with the status set out as string (e.g. Assigned;Open;Work In Progress;   etc)


Is there any benefit or deteriment of using one over the other ?




John Stagaman
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: Forms Designer - Value List vs Display List

The advantage of using a global list instead of a hard-coded list in the form:

  • Change once, change everywhere. With hard coded combo boxes, you have to fix the values on each format.
  • if you need to support localization, it's designed to work with global lists.

As to value list/display list:


If there isn't a difference between the value list and display list, you can populate only one of the values on the form (there is no need to populate both). I usually use the value list, but you can use either the value list OR the display list. SM will accept whatever value is selected.

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tony kelman-smi
Super Contributor.

Re: Forms Designer - Value List vs Display List

Thanks very much John.  Just what I needed to know