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Field validation error configuring Folder Entitlement roles

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Field validation error configuring Folder Entitlement roles

Hi all,


I'm trying to configure Folder Entitlmenent in SM 9.30 for interactions, using ten different folders.


I created a Service Desk security profile, and I configured the rights for each folder in the tab Security -> Security Folders. But if I write conditions for all my folder, this errors appears:


Length (213 bytes) of data for field restricting.query in scaccess exceeds max (90 bytes), truncated (trigger.scFolderAccess,update.access)


So I learned that the field restricting.query in the scFolderAccess table has a maximun length of 90 characters, and Service Manager truncates the informations that I put in. Using only two folder don't create any problem.


So I modified the maximun length of the restricting.query field to 500 chars, but the error still appears. It seems like there is a trigger that validates the maximum length of this field using the constant value of 90 chars, without considering the real length of the field.


Is there some way to modify this control?


Many thanks,