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Field name for DVD

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Field name for DVD

Hello, expert.


I'd like to know where define the filed name for using DVD is.


I understand [fieldname] in DVD condition in propaty.

For example [category] = "abc".


What I want is where "category" is defined.

dbdict's Name ? datadict's caption ? Name at propaty in form designer?


I'd like to use open.time in probsummary in DVD.

[open.time] doesn't work correctly.



Randall Harvey
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Re: Field name for DVD

The fields are defined in the dbdict of the record your form is used to display. Perhaps if you post the dvd condition you have defined it would be helpful in understanding why it is not functioning.
Vadim Gorda
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Re: Field name for DVD


you have to use dbdict naming of the fields and the field name you posted is correct. Probably you are trying to use time in inappropriate format in your condition?

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Re: Field name for DVD


Here field in [ ] are value for the "input" property of other controls (fields) on the form. Usually these input fields are defined in dbdict to which form is associated.

As per your example category is define in dbdict. Do not what are you trying to do but comparison in dates is not allowed in DVD directly.You could use the flag which will have Boolean value according to compared results and then can use it in you DVD on form.

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