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Double emails on interaction creation from WSDL

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Double emails on interaction creation from WSDL



We recently implemented creation of interactions via connect-it and WSDL.


We have found that when we are creating interactions this way, two emails are being generated by HPSM.


The email body and subject line only exist in the set of SM Add notifications, so I am confused as to how these emails would be generated twice. Is there a specific way that WSDL interaction creations differ from manual creation (a different process that is run?) that could be causing this behavior? We are only seeing a single email if the interaction is created manually.


Thanks for any help you might be able to provide.



Tong Yan
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Re: Double emails on interaction creation from WSDL

Hi sbstirling,

If you get debug "RTM:3" "debugdbquery:999" "debughttp:1", search "notification(", it would be very easy to find out how these two notification emails are sent out.
Cheers :)
Yan Tong (Serene), HP Software Support
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John Stagaman
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Re: Double emails on interaction creation from WSDL

This is a known issue (it sometimes is best to check the support site first):


Customer symptom

Two duplicate emails are sent out when an Interaction is opened by a Web Services request.


This issue occurs because both the RAD in the "cc.first.log" process and the "cc.first.log" process itself calls us.notify.

To work around this issue, follow these steps (originally documented in KM816590):

Modify the cc.first.log process to disable the second email.

1.  Go to SM command line and type: *fObject
2.  In the Object Definition screen search for "incidents".
3.  Go to "Variables/Global Lists" tab. On the local variable listbox, verify that you have "$L.soap" variable added there. If not, add it and then save the record. Close the window.
4.  Go to System Definition -> Tailoring -> Document Engine -> Processes.
5.  Search for "cc.first.log".
6.  Go to the RAD tab and search for the "us.notify" rad application.
7.  In the "Expressions evaluated before RAD call" section, add the following line:

if same($L.soap, true) then ($L.webservice=false) else ($L.webservice=true)

8.  In the condition field add "and $L.webservice" clause.
9.  Save the record.
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