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Department Information in Email

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Department Information in Email

Hi Experts,


I have a requirement to include the contact's department in the email sent upon closure of an incident ticket.


I have tried using link file but I think in 9.32, there is a slight change in the link files (I think i am editting the wrong link file).


Can somebody advice if I have alternative to grab the department information of the contact?


Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Department Information in Email

Can you detail how you are sending the message as there are several different options.


For example are you using a notification, and if so are you using a custom format?

Are you using a macro, and if so with a custom format?

Are you using format control subroutines?


If you can state how you are send the mail and include screenshots of the configuration it may be possible to offer some guidance.





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Re: Department Information in Email

If you use HTML email templates, the easiest way is to create a Javascript function which retrieves the department information.


Another way: create a local variable (f.ex. $department) in format control IM.close.incident to which you store the department name. You can use this variable in your email.

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Re: Department Information in Email


If you are capturing dept info in incident table then you can easily send the data in email. Here you have to post info as Steve stated.
If not then you have to use JS or RAD script to fetch and incorporate data in mail.

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Re: Department Information in Email

whereever you are sending a email, you can write down some javascript to get the members of department. and use $L.ret= jscall("file.function", <params>) to get the list, if you are sending the email in some RAD context, like notification.