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Close Interaction and Incident Tickets from ESS

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Close Interaction and Incident Tickets from ESS



We use HP Service Manager 9.3, we want to able our customers from close interaction ticket and with related incident when the customer press on "Accept Solution" button from ESS-SelfService- website.


In display options of the "Accept Solution" button we configured a script in "Pre RAD Expressions" tab that call Java Script to do the close feature, with the current script the close interaction ticket feature is working fine but close related incident ticket is not working.



I put in the below our code in "Pre RAD Expressions" at the Accept button :






$updateok=jscall("PriorityCalc.updateIncidentStatus", in $L.file, "Solution Accepted")




And I put in attachment the java script which called by the "Pre RAD Expressions", and I add also a screen shot from "Accept Solution" Button in the display option.



I spend long time to fix this issue, your help is really appreciated.



John Stagaman
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Re: Close Interaction and Incident Tickets from ESS

You cannot perform an action on an Incident under the credentials of a user logged in via self-service.

--The ESS license will prevent the update to the probsummary/incident ticket from occuring.


You should be able to use ioevents/ioactions to accomplish this goal, however, as those are executed by a system process. You would want to define an ioevent (Closure requested via ESS) which then would call an ioaction to complete closure of the related incident.


There is not good documentation on the ioevent/ioaction processes, but you can look at the out-of-box examples to model a solution.

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Re: Close Interaction and Incident Tickets from ESS

As John stated it is against ESS license to perform action on incidents.

Will not recommend but can alter by changing the display options conditions for the close/resolve button of Incidents DS.
Here in DO you will see the condition nullsub($G.ess, false)=false , so you have to remove it .

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