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Change workflow approval notification

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Change workflow approval notification

Hello experts,


Im preparing for our customer Change managment via workflow and its finally nicely and clean designed. Anyway I have one showstopper which Im not able to solve. 


I have created multilevel approval fields for continuing approving. It means that there are three approvals and it has to be done:


1st approver  - after he approves -> 2nd approver - after he approves -> 3rd approver


Of course I configured order in that way, but notification is coming automatically only to first one.


It means when I open related change and move into approval phase then 1st approver receive mail notification and when he approves in nothing happend.


I can see in change history, that aprove was done, but till I do some update in change, no notification is not sent to 2nd approver.


I need it to be done automatically.


Did I miss any configuration or information? 


I hope its written clearly:)


Thanks for your time,



John Stagaman
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Re: Change workflow approval notification

What SM Version?

Is your build a Process Designer Change build?


For a legacy build, try addiing your approval notifications to the ChM Approve notification definition (it is executed when the 1st approver approves, and should then notify the second, etc.) Process Designer may use the same notifications for approval, so try it also if you are on PD.

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