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Change Profile Approval issue

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Change Profile Approval issue

Hi All,


As per customer requirement, We have configured more than One Change Profiles in User Role for Change Approvals.


After Login to System, when click on Change Queue OR Change search, it will ask to select the Change Profiles then it will see the change views tickets.


Now i want to configure like after login to system, it should go directly to Change to do queue page without asking the Change Profile selection,


Please let me know how to disabled the change profiles when login to system for approval the Change Tickets.


One more issue is that there is 'Use Default' button in the same page when click on Change queue. and need to disbled that also


It really helps if provide the solutions.



John Stagaman
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Re: Change Profile Approval issue

Because you have assigned multiple profiles to change users, you cannot bypass the profile selection when entering change management. When a user attempts to access change, the application needs to know which profile should be used to govern their access to the application.


This is a direct result of the decision to assign multiple profiles to the operator. You could have--instead--created an individual profile for any member of one or more approval groups, which would have allowed you to assign multiple approval groups to a user without the need to assign more than one change profile in the operator record. But you didn't. 


There is not a way to bypass this: because you assign more than one change profile to an operator, the user will be prompted to select the profile that should be used when they attempt to access the change module.


In th 9.30 Process Designer build for change management, the new user role and change group architecture removes this constraint (approval membership is no longer tied to profiles), but for any prior version (non-PD) you cannot bypass the selection.

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