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Change Password in LDAP from SM

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Change Password in LDAP from SM

Hi Experts,


I have a requirement from the client's end. I dont have any clue wether the requirement is achievable or not using HPSM. Let me share it with you all.

My client wants to reset or change the password of an user in LDAP from ServiceManager.

The reason:

Client says in a day about more than 100 users call the System Administrators because they have forgotten their login password and wants their password to be reseted. This causes a huge burden on the System Administrators.

To overcome this, they want a feature in HPSM, which will enable the user to change/reset the password in LDAP directly by clicking(say) a "Forget Password" link on the page.

I have no answer on this because i don't know wether it is achievable or not.

Can anyone help me with their thoughts/feedback. Would appreciate it.


Thanks and Best Regards,


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Re: Change Password in LDAP from SM

I am 95% sure HPSM cannot facilitate the password reset. You may want to verify this directly with HPSM support. Your best bet is to put a link on the ESS page to your standard password reset website.

If your company does not have a password reset website, they should :)
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Re: Change Password in LDAP from SM

Hi SanjeevDas,


   I agree with lss123. It is not posible to change the password of LDAP users from SM.


I am sending you the Service Manager LDAP Best Practices attached.


Please check Additional Steps for Active Directory Users on page 36:


Active Directory requires at least two certificates. The openssl utility creates all but one certificate for the Active Directory server. To generate the other certificate, perform the following additional steps:
1.Locally log in to the Active Directory machine.
2.Click Start -> Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Certification Authority.
3. Locate your local root certificate authority (CA). Search under the “Certification Authority (Local)” entry in the tree on the left side panel.
4.Right-click the local root CA entry and click Properties.
5.Click the General tab and then click View Certificate.
6.Click the Details tab and click Copy to File to open the Certificate Export wizard.

HP Support
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Re: Change Password in LDAP from SM

The option to update LDAP password information from SM was added in ServiceCenter and is still present in the application. You need to map the password field from SM to LDAP. 


From the LDAP Best Practices document:



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