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Change Assignee on Incidents in HPSM 9.3 Mobility


Change Assignee on Incidents in HPSM 9.3 Mobility



Have anyone managed to change the detailview for incidents in HPSM mobility so that you can change the incident assignee?

It is OTB possible to change assignment group, but not assignee.


As you can see in CustomConfig.groovy:

[fieldName:"assignee", caption:"I18N:domain.label.incident.assignedTo", domain"Person"]


I have tried e.g..:

[fieldName:"assignee", caption:"I18N:domain.label.incident.assignedTo", listViewType:"lookup", domain"Person]


But it doesn't work.


Any suggestions are appreciated!


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Re: Change Assignee on Incidents in HPSM 9.3 Mobility



When users launch Service Manager Mobile Applications, they can:
l log on with their Service Manager user name and password
l check a “Remember Me” option (if enabled)
l tap the log-in button to land on their home page
When logged in, users can:
l view incidents (assigned to me and assigned to my group) or changes (awaiting my approval and
assigned to my group)
l view related configuration items
l approve and deny changes
l reassign an incident to another group
l add or update activities
l resolve or close tickets and requests when work is complete

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Re: Change Assignee on Incidents in HPSM 9.3 Mobility

In the initial release for Mobile, you can only hide fields that you do not want to use. Tailoring the mobile interface to add addtional fields or functions is not supported. Essentially, if the assignee field can't be changed in mobile out-of-box, then it isn't supported. 

When they released Mobile, HP did indicate that there may eventually be supported capabilities to tailor the interface, but no updates have been released yet to support it.

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