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Case insensitivity and the select function

Audrey H.
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Case insensitivity and the select function



During out upgrade to SM9 we are also switching from a case sensitive system to a case insensitive system.  This works great in most instances, but there is still an issue with fields on forms that have select() functions in their Display List or Value List condition.  I realise this is a long shot, but does anyone know if there is a way to make a select() function behave in a case insensitive way?  For example, on many of our forms we have the select() function in the Value List Condition of the Assignee field that selects and displays the name of only those operator who are members of the Assignment Group identified in the ticket.  Our operator names will also be changing from lower case (ie "msmith") to standard case (ie Mary.Smith), but we would like the user to be able to just start typing the operators name in any case and have it start filling the field.  So if they type "m", it would start displaying names starting with "M".



John Stagaman
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Re: Case insensitivity and the select function

No. Those behaviors will still be case-sensitive. 

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