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CI Relationship issue.

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CI Relationship issue.

Hi Experts,


In auto incident ticket for 2 fields Affected services  and Affected CI am getting value as "ABC" and "XYZ" respectively.

If I click fill button of affected ci am getting below warning message.


"Cannot find related information in device using query: isin $memberList and in $File"


AM having a CI relationship like "ABC" as a upstream CI and "XYZ" as a downstream CI and "ABC" is a CI of bizservice type.


Can anyone please tell me why am getting that warning message inspite of having valid CI relationship.



Thanks in advance.



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Re: CI Relationship issue.


Check your link record ro device table link line.

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Re: CI Relationship issue.

Hi Piku,


Thanks for ur reply, I checked my link records and it remain same as OOB, but still am facing that problem.


Please help me.

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Re: CI Relationship issue.


I will give you a brief heads-up for the Affected Service and Affected CI from my past Project experience.

If SM is integrated to monitoring tools, and events are getting generated from Monitoring side, then Affected CI will be populated as the node name(will be coming from Monitoring side).

Please use the below mentioned link code in master Link record(Probsummary):


Source Field Name:; Target File Name: device; Target Field Name:

Second Link LIne: Expressions:


if (not null( in $File)) then ($query=" in $File")

 Source Field: ; target


In case you want to populate only the bizservice for Affected Service, you can modify the above mentioned query in the link records.

Also it would be better if you populate the Affected Service(bizservice) that are based on relation for Affected CI(corresponding node for the bizservice).


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