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CI File Import that creates an activity record

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CI File Import that creates an activity record



Whenever the user adds a new CI, a new history/activity record is created.  The creation of the history/activity is called by a Process where the sc.activity is executed.  It even displays a message so that you'll know that the Process was executed.


I created a file import for a CI.  I added a trigger (After Update) where I call this Process so that a history/activity record will be created.  It is even displaying the message during file import so I know that the Process is being called.


But no history/activity record is ever created.


I even displayed the value of $L.file and $ and they all have contents.  I even compared its value when doing a manual entry.  Everything is the same.


But I am stumped that the activity record is not created during file import.  Search forums but can't find anything useful.


Would really appreciate any ideas/thoughts on this one.



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Re: CI File Import that creates an activity record


verify whether actually activity is generated or not?
It might be possible that it is not attaching to you CI record.
Print the activity number generated to check.

Also paste you script to further verification.

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