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Attachment Max Size Recommendation?

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Attachment Max Size Recommendation?

I'm from a large company and we are in the process of implementing SM9. We have had performance issues in the past regarding attachments and limited the attachment size to 200k. We would like to increase that to something higher but do not know what might be the right number.


I'm curious what other large companies have chosen as their maxium attachment size (for all 3 of the settings) and why they landed on the numbers they did. Thanks!

Vadim Gorda
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Re: Attachment Max Size Recommendation?


First of all what is the main goal of adding attachments to records in your company?  i had a project where there was a real need of adding a lot of attachments per record. There was a limit like 10 mb or something like that.


DB was growing rapidly but there was real need of putting that attachments in files.


If in your case it is mostly something like screenshots or scan versions, then there might be reason to make instruction for users on how to make them with proper resolution and size and dont encrease the max limit per attachment in the system much.

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Re: Attachment Max Size Recommendation?



  I know about another customer with 2 mb limit of attachments.

But I agrree with Vadim, that the DB will grow fast. So adding attachments I would advice only if it is really needed.


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Re: Attachment Max Size Recommendation?

Hi ,

As said above it depends on your customer and issues/SR reported in system.

If you also send some db data using SR or SD then you might requires size in tens of mb.
Otherwise if normal user issues are handled then can make it to 5 Mb as by default type, screen shot carry 3 mb of size and these are used to attach to ticket.

So here just list down the major categories and ticket handling teams. Then notedown types of possible attachments like jpg, text file, data query results etc and decide size accordingly.

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Re: Attachment Max Size Recommendation?

Piku - thanks for your suggestion. I did do some analysis on the types of attachments and they range from a screen shot to test results spreadsheets (40k - 5 meg). We put all of our regulatory documentation (mostly SOx) required for a Change as attachments on the Change Tasks (business approval, test plans, test results, etc).


An HP consultant suggested to us that we design the Attachments table with larger blocking size for optimal storage and retrieval. And also put the Attachments table into its own tablespace so you can make the blocking different from the rest of application.  Has anyone had experience with that?