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Associate Workflow with Change Request Depending on condition

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Associate Workflow with Change Request Depending on condition

Hi Experts,


In Change Management, the Category contains a workflow. So whenever a change request is raised, depending on the category the workflow is associated with the change request. This is an OOB functionality.


Now, I have a custom table called Change Model, which contains category, subcategory, type and subtype. The cm3r table also contains the above four fields and is linked with Change Model table.  Depending on these four columns I want to trigger a workflow.


To take care of the issue, I have created another custom table chgautoassignment, the table contains category,subcategory,type,subtype and workflow.

The category,subcategory,type and subtype is linked to ChangeModel and Workflow is linked to name field in Workflow table.


In chgautoassignment form I have defined a Workflow depending on category,subcategory,type and subtype.


In cm3r fc>



Add: true

Update: true

File: chautoassignment

Query: category=category in $file and subcategory=subcategory in $file and type=type in $file and subtype=subtype in $file







With which field in cm3r should the name of Workflow map with?


Please help.




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Re: Associate Workflow with Change Request Depending on condition



Any help.

Instead of associating workflow with categories can I assign workflow with other fields in cm3r or a combination of fields in cm3r?

If yes, then please help me out.




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Re: Associate Workflow with Change Request Depending on condition

Hi ,

really do not feels it would be possible to get all the benefits of these OOB tables,

but may try from Object record of Change i.e. cm3r to change the category table name in Objectinfo tab.

And this would be tedious and not recommended. It has no surety to be successful because some RAD contain hard coded expression which evaluates for OOB table and fields only. In these scenario you have to completely rewrite your substitute code in process etc modules as RAD is not allowed to change.

Assign Kudo, if found post useful and mark it accepted if solves the issue.
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Re: Associate Workflow with Change Request Depending on condition

Hi Piku,


Service manager version used is 9.32.

Our client has a requirement, which states that a workflow has to be associated with the change Model in Change management module.

The Change Model is unique and is associated with subcategory>category. OOB SM 9.32


From the category, subcategory and change Model data that they have provided, I have observed that the phases for all the categories are same. But the tasks are assigned to the Change Model based on phases.


So, I am trying to implement a logic which will assign the task with the change Model based on phases. This will make work a lot easier, as because I can use the OOb functionality on triggering the Workflow based on Category.


please check the link for reference :


The million dollar question is, how do i assign a task with Change model based on phases?




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event