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Assignment groups - possible to alter default sorting? (SM 9.31)

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Michael Gregor
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Assignment groups - possible to alter default sorting? (SM 9.31)

Hi all.


We are in the process of entering production data into our SM system. We have run into a small issue concerning the sorting of the Assignment field. This field must be filled out by the operatator when interactions are escalated. When all fields in the interactions are filled out and the operator clicks "Escalate" a Wizard tab pops up and the operator must enter Location and Assignment (group). There may be one or several Assignment (groups) available in the combo box.


Our problem is that these Assignment (groups) are alphabetically sorted, and that the one that is presented as default is the top one in the list. However we wish to be able to have one "primary" group suggested as the default one, disregarding the alphabetical listing. Is there a way to tailor this so the field displays the primary group?


The form name is wizard.escalation.incident.


Hope this is understandable :).




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Re: Assignment groups - possible to alter default sorting? (SM 9.31)

What we've done is that we altered the JavaScript in the wizard named escalate interaction - incident. (Please see File Selection > JavaScript to see the code.)

What we did was:
1) Find a default assignment group based on Service/CI, put it to a variable like DefAssignment
2) Choose all relevant assignment groups based on Service/CI (we use support groups for both Service and CI's, so there are usually 3-10 assignment groups in a Assignment combobox)
3) Then we set in a default assignment group with a code (which means it's selected as a default choice in a combobox):

system.vars.$L_action_file.assignment[1] = DefAssignment;

By this technique, it's easy for Service Desk to use default values but if they have better knowledge to pass IM ticket to another assignment group, it's still possible to do so.

Does this help you?
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Michael Gregor
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Re: Assignment groups - possible to alter default sorting? (SM 9.31)

Great! Just what we wanted :). Thanks!