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Alerts after deadline has expired

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tony kelman-smi
Super Contributor.

Alerts after deadline has expired

This is a follow on to question raised in the prior post,

"alert stages in SM"


Has anyone successfully set alerts to trigger after the 100% deadline has been passed?


We're trying to get SM to continue sending notifications after the SLA has breached in the same manner they  are sent at points like SLA - 50%, SLA - 90% etc.

Is it just a matter of setting a condition that reflects >100%   ???


Any help gratefully received

Lucky Duke
Honored Contributor.

Re: Alerts after deadline has expired

Hi Tony,


in your last AlertDef record, have you tried to set and expression like this :

$L.alert.time=tod() + '02:00:00'


It will define alert time as now + 2 hours.

Usually, alert time is defined in terms of slo/sla limit.

This should add a repeated alert every 2 hours.



tony kelman-smi
Super Contributor.

Re: Alerts after deadline has expired

Thanks Fabrice,  this set me in the right direction.


I created an Alert Definition and used,


Calc Field:  $L.slo.expiration

Calc Interval:  00:02:00


which made a notification fire 2 minutes after slo. expiration


Now I know ho to do it I'll set the interval to the one we really want (2minutes was just to test it worked)



(FYI, I added the Alert Definition  to the Response Service Level Objective so that it was triggered)