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Adding fileds ESS Related tickets

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Adding fileds ESS Related tickets

Hi Experts,


I have an requirement that, If i select any interaction ticket, and if i click on related records in that ticket, it will take you anothe screen Incident QBE . There  from OOB incident id , Status , Description fields will be available .

Now i need to add few more fields in that (assignment, ...) what input i need to give here for these fields(bcz for Status input is desc,2 and for Description input is desc,4)

Kindly help me on this.




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Re: Adding fileds ESS Related tickets

As per my knowledge, it is totally against the licensing policy of HP that you view/access the incidents from ESS module.

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Vadim Gorda
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Re: Adding fileds ESS Related tickets


this will require much more tailoring. In the related record virtual join you see information from screlation table which is very limited. To tailor additional information to be passed to screlation will be quyet hard.


I would have suggested to rebuild the link to look at the probsummarry table directly and Interaction number can be passed from interaction reciord to probsumm ary.