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Adding an SLO to an SLA

James Tibbetts

Adding an SLO to an SLA

I am on HP Service Manager 7.10. I am trying to create some custom SLO's and leave the OOB ones untouched.

How do you relate the Service Level Objective that you created to the Service Level Agreement?

On the Response or Availability tab, it looks like if you Add SLO from catalog it's trying to create a new record. If you Add SLO it tries to create a new record and you get a duplicate key error message there.

It looks like it's a virtual join on the sla form and I can see that the agreement id is tying them together but I am missing the connection somehow.

I have tried same for the exisitng default sla's too...
Alfio Torrisi
Super Contributor.

Re: Adding an SLO to an SLA

Hi james

it is a known error of HP Service Manager 7.10

Creation of Response SLO causes error message "The record being added contains a duplicate key (object.add.record,add.record)" - SCR43211