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9.30 - 9.32 upgrade issue

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9.30 - 9.32 upgrade issue

Hello experts,


I have a question about 9.32 upgrade. We have installed a 9.30 OOB  and upgraded it to 9.32. It works fine but my question is, i want to integrate a project that has been coded in SM 9.30 to a 9.32 new system but i can't be sure about if the new processes turn to the old 9.30 processes. I mean i want to take a full unload of the project from the 9.30 system and load it to the new 9.32 system. So if i do this can there be a difference like turning to old 9.30 system processes? Because i heard something like this that if ewe use a 9.32 SM system we had to recode all the project in this new SM and if we try to use unloads of the old version the new system turns to old 9.30 process system. Thanks for all helps. 

Jacob Heubner
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Re: 9.30 - 9.32 upgrade issue

The answer is ... sort of?


In an Unload record, you list all the objects that you are copying from one system and moving into another system. You list the name of the record type (format, formatctrl, Process, displayoption, displayscreen, etc) and a query that determines which records of that type will be copied.


If you created your own custom code, but did so by modifying the OOB records, your unload will overwrite anything in your target system that matches the same record and query.


For example, let's say you modified the IM.update.incident form. In your unload, you'd have a line like:


Filename: format

Query: name="IM.update.incident"


When you load that unload into your target system, the IM.update.incident form in your target system will be replaced by the IM.update.incident form in your source system.


Let's say you modified the '' Process record. In your unload, you'd have a line like:

Filename: Process

Query: process=""


When you load that unload into your target system, the Process record in the target system will be replaced by the Process record in your source system.



the majority of the 'work' in Service Manager is done by RAD code. If you look at a Process record, you'll see a tab labled "RAD". On that tab, you'll see the RAD calls that get made by that Process record. You don't have the ability to modify RAD code - so when you made your own custom code, you are UNABLE to modify the RAD code that does the majority of the work. So while the customizations you've done in your source system will affect things in your target system (that's kind of the point), the big things that make the system really _work_ will not be affected by your code.


If you posted a screenshot of your unload record, it would be easier to give specific examples. But basically, the stuff you're copying from your source system into your target system _will_ overwrite what's in the target system. But, that _shouldn't_ cause too major of an issue.

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Re: 9.30 - 9.32 upgrade issue



Thanks for detailed information.