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working of a Project to changes and work orders

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Adeel Mehmood
Respected Contributor.

working of a Project to changes and work orders


we have service Desk 4.5 Sp 17.
we need to use the Project option

Project --> Changes ---> Work orders

can you please expain .how will i do this process. as an example
what i understand is like this

1. after creation of a Project .
2.i will create a Change or more then one Changes
3. then relate the Project to these changes
4. then create new work orders and relate changes with their specific work orders
5. and assign the work orders to specific work gourps.
so what i want is this all i have told u above .
just clearify me about this that am i right about these concept |???

secondly when the project -->changes-->workorders options start working
these things should be there as per our requirement .

when the workorders related to a Change completed then the changes should be closed .and if the work orders related to a change are not completed it should not be closed .
same is the case with Project . that if any change related with project is not completed the Project should not be closed.

Mark O'Loughlin
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: working of a Project to changes and work orders


your understand of the concet of using Projects in OVSD is correct and you could design your work flow around what you have described.

To achieve the way a change is automatically closed if all workorders are complete has been discussed on this forum before. Search the forum and you shoud find some excellent ways to achieve this. I dont have the links to hand.