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where this variable should be exist!!!!!

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ahmed soliman
Respected Contributor.

where this variable should be exist!!!!!

Greetings, All

Where can i find the contents of the Global variable $G.auth.assignment
to rebuild its contents....because it reflects unwanted data in the assignment field.(it is a display list and a value list Global variable in the and SD.update.interaction forms)
i searched for it in the Global Lists
under Tailoring ...but i found $G.assignment.groups rather than the required variable doesn't seem to be linked to any global what should i do....
from where then $G.auth.assignment gather its

Ahmed Soliman
Systems Engineer
Jacob Heubner
Acclaimed Contributor.

Re: where this variable should be exist!!!!!

That variable looks like it's being set by the RAD application "apm.get.authgroups" on the "process" panel.
I can't edit the RAD application, but from the looks of it, this list is the same as $G.assignment, which is set by the globallist name="Assignment Groups".

I'm guessing here, but if you change the values in $G.assignment, then log out and log back in, you should see those same values in $G.auth.assignment.

In the future, if you're looking for a particular item, in the command line type "*afind.string". That will allow you to select the table you want to search and the search string to look for.
ahmed soliman
Respected Contributor.

Re: where this variable should be exist!!!!!

Dear Jacob Heubner

many thanks

Ahmed Soliman