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webapi advanced find

Brian Alexander
Super Collector

webapi advanced find

In the Advanced Find it is possible to do something like [Custom Text] Contains(AND) % and this will return records with non-blank data in the [Custom Text] field.

How can I do this in the API?

addCriteriumOn("*") gets me everything.
addCriteriumOn("%") gets me nothing.

Basically there is a space in one of my templates that shouldn't have been there. Now, with the API I want to get all records that are not a space.
Ganesha Sridhar
Esteemed Contributor

Re: webapi advanced find


I don't know any such advance search facility in WEB-API.

We can search for the text with Space using
addContainCriterium(" ") method.

The work around is do addCriteriumOn("*") which gets everything and programmatically fetch the data which is required for you.


Ganesha Sridhara
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event