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unable to login to hpsd 4.5 using webapi

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unable to login to hpsd 4.5 using webapi



I am trying to login to HPSD (4.5) SP19 using the webapi, and I am using the Example 1 which is part of the Javadoc.


I keep getting the below error even though the username and password I am using is correct. I have requester rights to HPSD. The error is given below


Access denied: incorrect account name or password. Click OK to retry to log on.


Is there a restriction on what user has to be used when login in using webapi?

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Re: unable to login to hpsd 4.5 using webapi

Hi Mrandhikpurwala,


Have you tried to run the example as system?

In the out-of-box installation the password for user system is servicedesk, so


Example1 <server> system servicedesk


If the server does not run on default port 30999, but another, say 12345, then


Example1 <servername>:12345 system servicedesk


When you login with the fat client using the same account/password/server:port, do you get the same error?


Check the role(s) related to the account.

Check if the account is blocked.

Check if the account is named/concurrent/integration.


What does "requester rights" mean exactly? Is it a role called "Requester" which has the New tickbox enabled for the Servicecall object?

In terms of ServiceDesk, requester sounds more like the person who created a Change, or someone initiating an Approval.

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